Tuesday 12th December, Paris. In a momentous stride towards organisational growth, we proudly present our new logo, a refined iteration that signifies our evolution as a collective brand. This logo encapsulates our commitment to placing humanity at the core of our endeavors, symbolising a shift from a mere consortium of brands to an entity that prioritises the human experience.

The central motif of the logo retains the familiar “X,” a symbol that has become synonymous with our identity. However, this time, the “X” takes on a distinctly human form, drawing inspiration from the iconic “Vitruvian Man.” This artistic evolution mirrors our dedication to a technology landscape centered around the well-being and needs of individuals.

Our new logo is not just a visual change; it encapsulates the essence of our commitment to human-centric innovation. The ‘X,’ now imbued with human characteristics, represents the fusion of our diverse subsidiaries, each a dynamic force in its own right. By placing the human figure at the heart of our emblem, we declare our allegiance to solutions that are as diverse and dynamic as the people who use them” says Etienne Colella.

This transformation underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering technology that serves humanity. The intersection of our subsidiaries, symbolised by the now-humanized “X,” stands as a testament to our collective strength and unity. We believe that by prioritising the human element, we not only adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape but also lead with empathy and innovation.

As we embrace this new chapter symbolised by our evolved logo, we invite our partners, stakeholders, and clients to join us on this exciting journey towards a future where technology and humanity harmoniously intersect.