A new decade of change, innovation and opportunity 

Over the past 15 years, our economic and social environment has been changing and has brought with it new practices, including in the labour market. Flexibility is becoming essential in several aspects within organisations: reactivity is one of the key factors of success in response to market demand, agility in working methods as well as adaptation to new generations seeking a sense of purpose and a healthy work-life balance.

These changes are forcing - or rather are enabling - staffing and recruitment players to question their practices and service lines.

How will this flexibility be reflected over the next 10 years? How will tomorrow's recruitment be managed? What new types of work will be offered by companies and organisations?

     - Evolution. These changes will undoubtedly lead to the emergence of new recruitment practices and a new paradigm for the recruitment market. Organisations, departments and recruiters must be able to identify, recruit and retain the best candidates and in order to win the talent war.

     - Acceleration of innovation: Recruitment, HR, talent management, as well as personal and collective performance at work are all areas which will see great innovation this decade. Tech companies including many start-ups are already investing heavily in aspects of the staffing industry, driving digital transformation in this sector.

     - What are the opportunities for tomorrow's recruitment and human resource management? Although it is impossible to predict the future, it is possible for the major players in the staffing and recruitment sector to help define the future outlines and direction of the sector. In this way, they will give the staffing world the opportunity to benefit from the latest technological innovations while keeping on top of an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

In this context, the PIXID Group is promoting a strategy based on the concept of "Total Talent Management" (TTM): the ambition to develop a global and European solution, a digital hub for agencies and companies to recruit and manage talent, on a permanent or temporary basis.


Looking back on 2019 - Expanding our European project 

In 2019, the Group continued its strong development and strengthened its position on its various markets in Europe with, once again this year, growth in double digits and turnover that reached 27.5 million euros.

At the same time, new products are being developed and established with the launch of major projects:

- PIXID innovates in France with a unique digital solution to recruit and manage candidates. The first pilots have been launched for employment agencies and large companies, particularly in the catering and events sector where the need for temporary staff is very high. All have the objective of being able to "transform" and "industrialize" the candidate sourcing process, to adapt to the variations in activity.

- In the United Kingdom, PIXID is now supporting one of the world's top 10 recruitment companies with a hybriod MSP solution, supporting both neutral and master vendor solutions for the same client. This type of customer-supplier relationship, via an intermediary (a temporary staffing supplier acting as managing agent, who centralises the requests of a client company and sources the talent from their own resources and other suppliers) is an essential component in the UK recruitment market.

- In Europe, PIXID has established a partnership with another major group in the context of setting up an innovative cell dedicated to the secondment of personnel between countries. The aim is to offset imbalances in their human resources needs on a European scale.

The PIXID Group's influence was also illustrated in 2019 by its recognition on the French Tech market with a nomination in the FrenchWeb 500 ranking and in the Top 250 French software companies. The Group's presence in the renowned SIA Staffing 100, which lists the main personalities in the temporary employment market, is also noteworthy.


2020 - Shaping a new recruiting model for Europe

In 2020, we will continue our efforts to grow the business and expand our presence.

This will result in a strengthening of our partnership policy, by pooling our expertise and bringing together vendor management (VMS) functionality with features and functionality relating to permanent recruitment and candidate management (ATS). With a unique digital offer from recruitment to administrative management, global and integrated ; our ambition is to transform the flexible labour market.

Operating in a very dynamic and creative environment, we will continue to invest heavily in R&D to develop our solutions. These investments reflect our strong focus on the security, compliance and integrity of the data we process, as well as on customer satisfaction and quality of service.

Once again this year, I would like to thank all our teams for their daily commitment and their enthusiasm for the Group's many evolutions.

Finally, I would like to thank all those - customers, partners and users - who have trusted us for the past 15 years.

If you would like to join this great adventure, do not hesitate to come and meet us!

Etienne COLELLA, President