Discover how Kelly Services and Pixid worked with OYO Vacation Homes (UK & Europe) to develop and launch an innovative, online technology-driven recruitment strategy spanning multiple countries, cultures and business units.

Established in 2013, OYO is now the world’s largest online hotel group and it’s growing fast.

With one million rooms in 23,000 hotels and 125,000 vacation homes based in 337 cities, OYO is already the biggest hotel brand in China and the number one hotel chain in South Asia. So it will come as no surprise that the company decided to expand its presence in the highly competitive European market by launching OYO Vacation Homes (UK & Europe) in 2019.

This presented a major resourcing challenge. How could an Online Indian-based start-up organisation attract, recruit and onboard over 500 sales and support staff from scratch across 20 European countries within a timescale of just three to six months?

Together, Kelly and Pixid worked with the OYO management team to define the recruitment need, develop a robust attraction strategy and put in place the human and technological resources to turn that strategy into results.

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