Pixid Hub gives you centralised visibility, access and control of your entire recruitment ecosystem.

Pixid Hub gives you centralised visibility, access and control of your entire recruitment ecosystem.

Pixid Hub – Smart Recruitment Technology

Pixd Hub is a universal application connector, allowing you to integrate the staffing tools you already have with the staffing tools you want, with minimal disruption.

It’s ‘any to any’ approach enables the central distribution, management and monitoring of vacancies and workers; increasing efficiency and coherence across all your recruitment processes and applications. It enables companies offering different technologies to work together.

Pixid Hub – Enabling Total Talent Acquisition

Pixid Hub’s powerful connectivity bridges the worlds of “ATS” and “VMS” along with back-office recruitment and staffing solutions. This ensures that not only products from the Pixid Group can communicate via Pixid Hub, but also, third party solutions that link with Pixid Hub, giving you a powerful platform to achieve a Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) solution.

Pixid Hub Staffing & Recruitment Ecosystem
Consolidating your ecosystem

More and more applications are now able to plug in and connect through Pixid Hub. This brings your TTA proposition to life. Connecting the Pixid Hub to your own internal mid or back office system reduces the number of interfaces you have to maintain, since Pixid Hub provides the required integration with the other applications in your staffing ecosystem.

How does Pixid Hub work?

Through a series of API ‘touchpoints’ Pixid Hub makes it possible to centrally distribute and follow up vacancies and candidates to and from connected applications. Pixid Hub has its own user interface, but also connects to an existing application landscape.

Pixid Hub APIs – Connecting the world of recruitment

The above API schedule shows the full capability of Pixid Hub to exchange information from one application to another. Multiple applications can be connected through Pixid Hub, including time tracking systems, payrolling, billing systems etc. The most frequently used API’s are the resource (candidate) and the request (job vacancy) API’s. Other API connectors are available, depending on your current and future requirements.

The Advantages of Pixid Hub:

Pixid Hub’s unique features and benefits are:

  • Powerful, versatile, out-of-the-box connection tool.
  • Connect any Process or application to any other process or application (VMS / ATS / CRM etc).
  • Gives recruitment suppliers increased versatility – to connect to end-clients’ existing recruitment systems (e.g. VMS, ATS, CRM) or offer the client an entirely new end-to-end recruitment solution.
  • Connects to partner ecosystems with minimal fuss.
  • Smart API integrations enable recruitment suppliers / agencies to access multiple VMS applications and growing partner ecosystem.

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